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General Questions

Questions from Owners

Questions from Renters

How do you guys make money?

Well, the short answer is: we don't. The long answer is that we run this site because we believe that s

How do I Sign Up?

Easy, go to the "Signup" button in the above tool bar and complete the form presented

How does it work?

That's Easy:

  1. An "owner" lists an item for rent, for example a pair of skis. The owner joins RentNotBuy by signing up.
  2. The owner decides how much they wants to charge and if they should require a deposit. The owner creates a new listing. It is a good idea to include a picture and as much information about the item as possible.
  3. A user (the "renter") comes along wanting to rent a pair of skis for the weekend. The renter notices the newly added skis, checks to see that they are available on the days they want and makes a booking.
  4. An email is sent to the owner informing them that another user wishes to rent their skis. The owner checks the details, decides to accept the booking by visiting their account page, clicking on the "pending bookings" link and clicking "accept".
  5. An email is sent to both parties confirming that the booking has been accepted, and the full location of the rental item is given to the renter. At this point the booking is confirmed.
  6. At the start of the rental period, the renter collects the rented item from the owner, pays the owner in full for the rental and fulfills any other requirements of the owner (showing ID, leaving a deposit etc..).
  7. At the end of rental period, the renter returns the item to owner in good condition and collects their deposit.

How much does it cost to use RentNotBuy?

Nothing, Zero, Zilch, Zip! RentNotBuy is run as a community service.

Why is the rental cost "estimated"?

This is the cost estimated by our software. However, after the booking has been accepted by the owner, the renter should confirm the price with the owner, as there may be special circumstances in any particular case. Excessive or unjustified changing of rental prices will be considered "bait and switch" tactics and renters should report the offending owner to the RentNotBuy.

I have a dispute with a renter/owner, what should I do?

While we like to know and keep track of disputes between our users, we cannot become involved in them. We suggest that the users take legal advise to determine the appropriate course of action according to your country's/local laws. We assume no liability for items rented through RentNotBuy and make no guarantees of any kind of the legality, safety or honesty of any of our users or items offered or rent by them. However, please inform us of any disputes you are having with our users. Users involved in excessive disputes maybe have their RentNotBuy accounts terminated.

What are Owner/Renter Ratings or Reviews?

Every time a user makes a booking for an item or rents an item to another user they are offered the opportunity to leave a small review and score for the person they rent to/from.

Currently, the scoring is a simple, the bigger the number the better the average reviews.

We suggest you consider a user's reviews when deciding to rent to or from them. These reviews are here to help the users rent safely, so please fill them out.

What are 'Wanted Listings'?

If your would like to rent something but unable to find a suitable listing on RentNotBuy, then you can place a 'Wanted' listing. Owners read this section, and if own an item that may suit your needs they will contact you through RentNotBuy. Note your name/email is not reviled to the owner, and all messages are sent anonymously though RentNotBuy.

What are Consumables?

Consumables are things that get used when operating the item that you expect the Renter to pay for, for example gas/petrol/propane when renting boats/RV/ATV etc... A good example of a consumable might be: "Renter can return gas tanks empty, but will be charged at US$ 3.50 per gal."

How do I change my username?

The username (or login) is the only account detail users cannot change through the website. This is for security reasons. However, if you would like to change your login, please contact our support team who will be happy to help you with your request.

Why should I trust renters with my stuff?

RentNotBuy cannot guarantee the security of the owner's items. However, we recommend the following practices that all owners should follow when renting to people they don't know

  1. Always check the renter's feedback on their public profile. This will show what other owners thought of their experiences renting to this user
  2. Request to see a valid, government issued ID (such as a driver's license or passport) when the renter collects the item. You should take a photograph of the ID.
  3. Use a rental contract and require that the renter sign it. We offer an example contract that should cover most cases, however you are of course free to offer your own.
  4. Require a "fair" cash deposit.

If the renter then fails to return the item, you can report the item stolen and the renter's name and address to the local authorities.

I'm a professional rental business, can I use RentNotBuy?

Yes! Indeed we encourage you to post your items on RentNotBuy. However, we ask that you post genuine items for rent and not just advertisements for your company. Please also indicate in your listing that you are commercial outfit, so users can make informed choices. Thanks!

How do I list things on RentNotBuy?

First you need an account. Please create one by going to Signup. Once you have an account you can add a listing in a category by navigating to that category and clicking the "add a new listing" button. Alternatively you can use the "Create a Listing" button in the header bar.

How does the predefined pricing structure work?

The pricing structure is the amount of money you are going to charge the renter to rent your item. You can create several structures, allowing renters to get a discount if the rent for a longer period of time. For example, an owner is renting out his lawn mower and creates the following pricing structures:

When the renter books the item, the software estimates the cost using the above information. For example, a renter makes a booking for 8 days and 1.5 hours, the estimated cost of the booking is then: 1 week at US$ 100, plus 1 day at US$ 20, plus 2 hours at US$ 2. Therefore the total estimated cost to the renter is: US$ 124. Notice that the last 0.5 hours is rounded up to the minimum pricing period.

Should I ask the renter for a deposit?

If you don't know the renter, it's generally a good idea. However, it is up to you. Deposits are used to insure your property against loss or damage. You hold the deposit until the renter returns your item in good condition. While a high deposit might make you feel more secure, high deposits tend to put off potential renters, so choose a "fair" deposit for your item. Please show your deposit requirements when creating your listing.

I can't find a suitable category to list my item, what should I do?

Place the item in the "Miscellaneous" Category. If you feel the missing category should be added to RentNotBuy, please contact us and suggest it.

What HTML can I use to format my listing's description?

You can use and of the following tags: del, dd, h3, small, big, sub, tt, fieldset, a, ul, h4, cite, dfn, legend, h5, kbd, code, b, ins, img, acronym, h6, sup, pre, blockquote, dt, br, output, p, strong, div, samp, li, ol, var, em, h1, address, i, abbr, h2, span, hr

What are the locations?

Locations are the addresses at which you will rent your items. You can store any number of addresses in RentNotBuy. Note, editing an existing address will cause the address to be changed for all items listed under that address.

What are the blocked dates?

The owner can block out ranges of days using "blocked dates" for days when the item is not available for rent. For example, the owner is away or closed for the season. Renters will see the item as "unavailable" during this time but will not be able to tell if this is due to a booking or blocked days.

Owners can apply labels to the blocked period, making it easier to manage availability (e.g. "on holiday" or "winter season shutdown"). Labels are private and not shown to potential renters.

Once I made a booking, can I cancel it at a later time?

As far as RentNotBuy is concerned, yes at any time before the start of the rental period. Just go to your account page and cancel the booking. However, the owner may have different requirements, and you should contact them before making canceling.

I made a booking and it now says it is awaiting approval or pending, what does this mean?

A booking "awaiting confirmation" or in the "pending" state means that it is awaiting the approval of the item's owner. You should not consider the rental confirmed until the owner accepts the booking.

How do I pay for my rental?

A renter must pay the owner directly at a time specified in the listing (often upon item collection). RentNotBuy is not involved in the payment of rental bookings.

What is the "Flag as spam" button?

The "Flag as spam" button can be seen on the page of any listing not owned by you. Because we a community site, we partly relay on our users to tell us when they see spam, inappropriate or misplaced listings. By clicking the "flag as spam" button, you are bringing spam to our attention. One of our admins will then review the listing and maybe remove it.