New Feature: "Block Out Dates"

posted: Fri Jul 18 07:00:05 UTC 2008

This is a feature I have been meaning to get out for a while: Block out dates. These allow owners to block dates they don't want to rent the item. For example, an owner renting out her RV would want to prevent people from booking it on the weekends that she is planning to use it.

Blocked out dates can be added on the listing editing page (accessed through the user's account page). Users can give a start and end date for the period they wish to block out. They can also specify a label to help them remember the reason they blocked those dates out, e.g. "on vacation".

Hope this helps... I will produce more detailed instructions shortly. As always, any feedback is very welcome.

This feature was part of the update to version 0.1.2, which also includes comments on the news post.


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