FISKAR 18" Wide Manual Push Reel Lawn Mower (Heavy Duty)

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Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Listed on: Feb 20, 2017

Listed in: Home and Garden > Gardening Equipment
(and Miscellaneous )

Owner: camaro (ask a question)

Contact Tel: (323) 237-9125


Minimum Rental Period: 1 day

Deposit: US$ 20.00


US$ 20.00 / Day

Rental Conditions

Photo identification required: Yes

Required Maintenance:

Would be helpful if renter hosed down mower to clean after use but not required.

Rental Requirements

Mower is for rent only within the city limits of Los Angeles, California (Downtown, Hollywood, Silverlake, Beverly Hills) and some surrounding areas(Santa Fe Springs, Paramount, Downey, Pico Rivera, some Buena Park). Other surrounding areas MAY be considered. Mower not to be taken out of California!

Additional Information


Person who RENTS the mower (YOU) WILL NOT be charged an additional $20 a day IF the person who rents out the item (ME) CANNOT pick up the item the same day due to unforseen circumstances (flat tire, emergency call off from job, etc.). I will try to pick up the following day if these things do occur. Please be ready to reschedule just in case!

   ALSO: 90% of the time I can deliver the mower to you/ pick up from your location with no additional charge (in other words FREE DELIVERY& PICK UP) provided you live close in the vicinity of Los Angeles.
   This is pretty much an opportunity to try one of these new FISKAR ECO "hi tech" manual push reel mowers first for $20 before deciding to buy one in the future.  
   Mower works just as good as a gasoline powered one. Please keep in mind that this mower will not work too well if your grass is well over 5" long (like an overgrown vacant lot). For that, you will need a gasoline mower instead to do a cleaner job, Please also note that you should have a machete or an edger/ trimmer to cut dandelion weeds/ stalks. The mower will not cut these.I will also provide a weed/ dandelion manual hand tool to remove these weeds at no extra charge.
   Also: before renting please make sure your lawn or area you're intending to cut has no automatic sprinkler heads, gas lines, electric lines, exposed water lines or mains, doggie toys, branches, trash, junk, pieces of concrete, etc. that can damage the mower. You agree that you have checked for these things and agree not hold the rental person (ME) responsible for any damages that may occur by not checking for these things. CHECK YOUR YARD FIRST!
    Now.....let's get mowin'.

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