Item Wanted for Rental

2 BDRM Home

Posted by: WendyJP87 (contact)
Location: San Antonio, TX
Listed: 2016-08-17

Me, my husband & my 2 little boys are in need of a place to live that we can afford. We could even work with a 1 BDRM as long as it's a big enough room to fit a Queen Bed & a Twin. We can afford up to $600/month + our utilities. We've been going through a very rough 2 years & it has ruined both of our credit. We're currently having to live with my husband's parents, sharing 1 room with our 2 boys & 4 of our nieces/nephews (along with the infestation of roaches!!). Most of our stuff is in a storage unit because my in laws just don't have the space & I don't want any roaches to start living in our boxes or electronics and then end up moving with us when we do find a place. If anyone has a space that they'd be willing to rent out, we would be very grateful. My younger son is 11 months and jr should be learning to walk right now and pull himself up to stand but he can't because the place we are living in is not a clean or safe space for him to crawl around. If we had any other options we would be there but right now we just need some help.